To the Woman Who Has Changed (10 things that will strongly prove that she has changed)

You’ve changed.

I’ve been existing for 20 years, and I will be forever grateful to the universe for giving me the most memorable and unforgettable 5 years (and counting) of friendship with you.

You are a no ordinary friend. You are more than of being just a friend. Indeed. I have to admit, that if I have to represent my life in a form of a puzzle, it wouldn't ever be completed without you. And truly, that puzzle piece of you is way more bigger than others, because a huge part of who I am now is definitely thru your unceasing love and undying support that no other friend could ever give.

We've been become a best of friends for many years. And as your closest friend, I thought I was the one who have known you so much. Lately that i just happened to realized that I was wrong. You're not the Patricia that I used to know before.
You're not.

Because you’ve changed.

1. I thought you were strong.You’ve changed. You’ve become stronger.
– I remember how you always responds in the storms of life. One thing that I learn from you is to avoid thinking that life is being unfair to us. Yes, we are all aware that problems are inevitable and when life gets tough and bumpy we happened to blame the world because of its unjust nature, not on your case. You always believed that though this life is unfair it also offers an equal opportunity for us to make ourselves better. I admire your positivity no matter how complicated the situations are. I admire how you embrace the challenges of life.And  that makes you stronger as a person.

2. I thought you are complacent. You’ve changed. You’ve become unstoppble.
You’re such a talented and a versatile kind of a woman. But you don’t know it by yourself. A lot of times you have to weigh between being a writer or a dancer, between becoming a broadcaster or a director. You have a lot of doubts because of your humility. Your cheeks don’t even turn red everytime someone compliments you. Because you are unsure of what you are capable of. And I’m so happy that you’ve changed already. You are now more confident in reaching your wants in life. Though sometimes  there’s  still bits of uncertainty, you still believe that you can make it no matter how difficult it maybe. (I’m rooting over you in Sibul FilmFest 2015)

3. I thought you are fearful. You’ve changed. The new Patricia is now fearless.
I can certainly say that you can now leave the shore and explore the ocean. Equipped with enough strength and self esteem no doubt that you can surpass in all the trials waiting ahead. Armed with most powerful weapon. No doubt that you’ll be able to overcome all your fear.

4. You’ve changed. You’ve become selfish…to yourself.
(Don’t take this as a sermon ok? Haha)
– If I had to write down your weaknesses, I bet this particular area in your life will hit the top spot. -FALLING IN LOVE-
Don’t get me wrong about this one. I’ve witnessed how you’ve become so passionate in the field of love. Of course as your friend I’m happy to see you become incredibly happy with someone else. Me too is somehow fascinated during those times when things go well and perfect on your love story. But as the saying goes “there’s no such thing as perfect”. Heartaches and sorrows strikes and watching you become so emotionally affected actually breaks my heart. There’s nothing wrong in falling in love, but never  fall inlove with someone who will only destroy the beautiful universe you’ve created even before he enters in your life.

5.You’re beautiful. You’ve changed. You’ve became even prettier.
I wouldn’t tell you that you’re beautiful just because of the unreasonable biase that you’re my besfriend. But because that’s the absolute truth. (Naks naman). What even makes you prettier is your constant kindness and deep sense of compassion to people. I remember while we are walking in the campus and there are random students shouting “Ate pat ang ganda niyo po”. Then you’ll wear your most beautiful smile as your sweetest way of saying thank you. (Maganda ka talaga friend kahit hindi mo na ko ilibre haha)

6. You used to be a follower. Now you’re a leader.

-You used to be a good and an obedient follower. No doubt that becoming a leader to inspire and influence others, for you is just a piece of cake. MTCF did not fail to entrust the leadership in your hands. Continue to make a difference by changing others lives through the word of GOD.

7. You are a mediocre…no! you are no ordinary.

Eversince, I knew it that there’s someting special in you. Your traits are exceptional that only few woman like you can possess. Your humilty is incredible. You feel that there’s no need to compete. You utterly live for others. You have nothing to prove not even to yourself. And the love that you have in your heart keeps you from moving that’s the things that I like you the most.

8. Before you were 18 . You’ve changed. You just turned 19.


9. You are faithful. You’ve become more faithful.

I know how you love God above all else. The burning passion and fire in your heart  is unbelievable. Wala na siguro akong makikilalang tao na grabe ang faith sa panginoon bukod sa’yo. Continue the fire burning bes. Alam ni Lord lahat ng prayers mo.

10. She’s a friend. Now she’s my sister, Mother, protector, bes, bessy, brad, potty, pat, etc.

– I want you to know how much you really mattered to me. Admittedly, my life never became the same since I left and we parted ways. Thank you for being there always. Sa lahat ng tulong, pangaral at suporta. Sabi ko nga, wala man akong kapatid o nanay, sinapo mo naman dahil hindi mo ipinagkait yung pagmamahal.
Grabe. Thank you talaga sa lahat ng pagtatyaga.  Wag ka sanang magsasawa. Andito lang ako palagi. Excited na ko sa pagradweyt mo. *huuuug* I bless ka pa sana ni Lord.

To the woman who have changed…for becoming a better person. I just want to say that truly I wouldn’t have it made this far. If I hadn’t have you in my life.

Forever thankful to have you bes,


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